Deep within the human spirit lies a dark disturbing truth that goes to the depth of the human heart, that (1) life has no meaning (2) life is not what it is chalked up to be and (3) life has no consequences; good will not be rewarded and wrong will not be put right. Therefore, we embark on the relentless search for the meaning of life.

The Alpha course provides the environment in which you can explore some of these challenging questions without fear of feeling stupid or being given “pat” answers to perplexing questions.

The course is open to everyone interested in discovering what Christianity is about and its relevance to life. Through it many people find a personal relationship with God, as well as answers to the big questions of life.

At Croydon CoGoP, we have run the Alpha course for several years. The next course is to be advised, including Youth Alpha; more details to follow. All are welcome to attend.

For more information about the alpha course go to or you can contact us.

Prayer Request

We have a prayer team that meets regularly to pray. If you would like them to pray for you please use the form below.