Church of God of Prophecy Croydon

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Eccho (senior’s ministry)

Elmers Hope and Care in the Community Organisation (EHCCO) is a non-profit community organisation that caters for the social needs of those aged over 60 years in the local fellowship and wider community.

EHCCO Aims To:

  • Ehcco Aims To:

    • Tackle loneliness, frustration and stress by delivering a variety of social activities
    • Promote feelings of well being through physical activities such as exercise sessions
    • Provide opportunities to travel and meet new people
    • Empower its members to make more informed decisions about their lives

Events and Activies

  • Events and Activities

    • Day trips
    • Presentations on relevant issues
    • IT training sessions (including how to use email and internet)
    • Exercise sessions

We are actively seeking new members and volunteers. If you would like to join or offer your help, please get in touch.