Connect Groups

Provides a small group environment for people to meet, build relationships, pray, study the Bible, discuss issues of interest and to participate in social activities. These groups aim to nurture and develop individuals to exercise faith and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and to receive and share His love.

  • Provide a safe environment for people to socialise and get to know each other
  • Provide an opportunity to read and study the Bible with other Christians
  • Teach the importance of sharing the love of Jesus Christ and ways in which to do so
  • Encourage the application of God’s Word to everyday life
  • Provides an opportunity to pray for personal needs, others and the wider issues in the world.
  • Regularly attend meetings
  • Participate in the discussions, ask questions and share experiences
  • Read and reflect on relevant Bible passages
  • Ask for prayer if you need it but also take the opportunity to learn to offer prayers for others
  • Use this opportunity to develop your gift and calling
  • Enjoy the meetings as an integral part of church life.